ClearAF Anti-Fog Activation and Care Instructions:

Advanced Digital Lens Technology

Vernon Optometry is proud to feature advanced free-form digital lens technology. Our lenses are created with a digital free-form lens generator that is truly state of the art. It utilizes an industrial RS-tec motor to drive a diamond Twin Tool to generate almost any prescription in nearly any lens material point by point on the lens. The result is a fully personalized visual experience that meets the demands of the modern wearer.

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Vernon Optometry is proud to announce that our new facility is carbon neutral. We have 100 solar panels on our roof and geothermal loops throughout the building that recapture heat from the lens manufacturing process. In other words, when we make lenses, we are literally heating our building.


green manufacturing process

Digital Lenses

Eco-friendly lenses made locally using Solar and Geothermal energy.

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Additional measurements by your Doctor used to design a lens that balances the image sizes. Improved vision for eyes with different Rxs, double vision or distorted vision.

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2 yr clinical trial results curbed myopia progression by up to 60% and halted myopia progression in 21.5% of children.

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Clinically shown to improve symptoms of migraines, headaches, light sensitivity and eyestrain.

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OPTIKAM - the modern way to fit lenses

The Optikam is a tool that optimizes every stage of the eyewear fitting process by capturing digitally enhanced measurements that are used to customize the lens. It kinda looks cool too ...