Precision 1 Daily Contact Lenses Have Arrived

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Alcon has recently released a new daily wear option for contact lens wearers in Canada.  This daily lens utilizes new Smart Surface technology to address the most common issues for contact lens wearers i.e. blurry vision, poor comfort and a lack of UV protection. 

Did you know that approximately 20% of contact lens wearers discontinue wearing lenses during the first year often due to comfort issues? Smart Surface technology from Alcon helps address this by creating a thicker layer of moisture on the surface of the lens to help prevent symptoms of dry eyes. This water gradient technology steps up from a 51% water content at the core of the lens to 80% on the surface.  This moisture layer on the lens surface is only 2-4 microns thick but it makes all the difference when it comes to contact lens comfort.

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Dry eyes during contact lens wear can also cause the wearer's vision to fluctuate and be blurry at times.  Smart Surface technology will help improve and stabilize clarity of vision especially for those patients with dry eyes. 
Alcon has also incorporated a Class1 UV blocker into the Precision 1 lens (≥90% of UVA, ≥99% of UVB).  Competitors in the industry have offered this for many years and it is great to see Alcon finally getting on board.  In terms of long term ocular health, UV protection is very important when it comes to cataracts and macular degeneration.  
Some patients will also find this lens easier in terms of handling for insertion and removal as it is slightly stiffer and tends to fold less.  
Overall, we feel that the Precision 1 lens is an excellent option for our patients.  It is available in a wide range of parameters and is now available for patients with astigmatism.

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