Specsy 3-D Printed Frames - Digitally Designed for You

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Have you ever had difficulty finding a frame that fits?  Specsy 3-D printed eyewear may be the right solution for you. 

Most frames are available in one or maybe two sizes at most and one size just does not fit all. By taking a 3-D scan using an I-Pad, Specsy creates a 3-D model of  your face and makes frame recommendations based on head shape with customized dimensions. 

Images from specsy.com

Not only are there multiple colours available, the size and shape are completely customizable.  And because it is designed for you and only you, the frame is very comfortable. 

According to Specsy.com, the "nylon frames are incredibly durable and impact resistant, while being one of the most lightweight frames you've ever worn, at just 6 grams or 1/5 of an ounce!" They also stand by their product with a 2 year manufacturer warranty. 




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